Are You An Angry Wife?

There are infinite reasons women can name for their anger with their husbands or mates. The reasons they list are often excuses which mask the real causes of anger. First, some women are just self-destructively angry at the world in general and everyone in it. This anger normally comes from something that happened to them in their past and no current partner will be able to resolve the cause. These women will pick a fight for the tiniest reason, either subconsciously or on purpose, in order to validate their feelings about the world and their life.

Amazingly, and not often admitted by women, the most unnamed reason for their persistent anger is because they want intimacy with their partner. The pissed off wife may actually be expressing a high level of sexual frustration and not legitimate anger. Women get extremely irritated if they feel their mate is ignoring them in favor of other people; whether those other people are women or men does not matter. An angry wife is a serious situation to deal with and many men do not have the tools to deal with that anger. Flowers and compliments only go so far and, as most couples therapists will cite, the main reason an angry wife stays angry is because of a lack of communication.

The most dangerous type of angry woman is the wife who feels she has been wronged and is looking for revenge. This is most often found with women whose husbands have had one or more extramarital affairs. Revenge, as opposed to moving on with their life and healing, is often at the top level of thinking for a wife who has been cheated on by her man.

Angry wives revenge methods may vary, depending on the woman and her resources, and can range from subtle attacks to financial and physical damage to the husband and his lover. Tiger Woods is a good case in point, with his high number of affairs making public news after his wife attacked him with a golf club out of anger.